Toe Tips & Nails

2. Sometimes when I take the polish off my toes I have white dry spots. What is this?


Toenails are extremely porous – a bazillion times more than fingernails. Have you noticed that toenail polish always takes longer to dry and stays on longer? This is because toenails are so porous that the polish takes longer to soak into the nail plate and dry.

Because the polish on our toes lasts so much longer, it is only natural that we want to leave it on. This is where the nail plate starts reacting with the nail polish. Dry white spots are one of the consequences of this.  Removing your nail polish every two weeks and buffing and nourishing the nail plate before reapplying new colour will help prevent it.

NOTE: Some people’s toes are more porous than others, so they are more likely to experience dry, white spots.


  • Regular Christina Fitzgerald Signature Pedicure Treatments


  1. Regular Christina Fitzgerald Signature Pedicure Treatments – Have a professional pedicure every 2 weeks, or give yourself a DIY (do it yourself) pedicure every 2 weeks at home.
  2. At a minimum take your polish off every 2 – 3 weeks, buff and nourish your nails and reapply your polish colour.