Heels & Ball of Foot

1. What can I do to prevent the build up of dry skin on my heels and the ball of my foot?


Not many people can get away with only having the dry built up skin removed from their feet in a pedicure once every 2 weeks. I think it is essential that we buff our feet at home in the shower every second night. You only have to do each foot for 30 seconds and that should keep your feet feeling smooth every day.

***** TIP: Your creams will target your dry skin concerns much better without the build up of dry skin.


  • Satin Soak
  • Heavy Duty 2 Step Foot Paddle


Follow these easy steps for a DIY treatment to remove dry skin on your feet.

  1. Satin Soak – Soak your feet for 5 minutes in Satin Soak it has botanical AHA’s to help soften and condition dry, hard skin on your feet.
  2. Heavy Duty 2 Step Foot Paddle – STEP 1 side: vigorously buff heels, ball of the foot and under and side of the big toes and little toes until the area is clear of dry, rough skin. STEP 2 side: using this side of the paddle vigorously buff over the same areas taking extra time and care. The more time spent on Step 2, the better the results.