3. How can I stop my cuticles from being so dry all the time?


You should never cut your cuticle right off. This will make the cuticle grow back very quickly and your cuticle will be extremely dry. Pushing back your cuticle each week and treating the area will ensure a pliable, even, nourished cuticle. You need to apply cream everyday to keep your cuticle nourished.

NOTE: Cutting the cuticle off promotes ridging, infection, inflammation and excessive thick cuticle growing back twice as fast.


  • Radical Cuticle Cream
  • Precision Cuticle Pusher / Cleaner
  • Satin +2 Speed Buff
  • Botanical Cuticle Treatment Oil
  • Precision Nippers


1. Radical Cuticle Cream  – Rub a generous amount of Radical Cuticle Cream into each cuticle. With firm pressure massage the cream into the cuticle area and sidewall of the nail. You can rub the excess up to the first knuckle. The longer you rub, and the more cream you rub, in the better.

***** TIP: Do it while you are watching TV.

2. Precision Cuticle Pusher / Cleaner- Gently push back your cuticle and down the side of the nail with the Precision Cuticle Pusher / Cleaner.  You can then gently scrape of any dead cuticle left on your nail.

*****TIP: Rub in extra Radical Cuticle Cream while you are doing this step.

3. Precision Nippers – Carefully nip away hangnails and any bits of dry skin that stick up and catch on everything. Then you can gently trim away any hanging cuticle.


4. With a tissue wipe cream off the nail plate.

*****TIP: make sure the nail has no cream left on it as cream can ruin your buffer in the next step

5. Satin +2 Speed Buff  – Very gently buff the nail plate with the purple side of the Satin +2 Speed Buff then turn the buffer over to the white side and buff to a high shine.

*****TIP: Be careful not to buff too close to your cuticle.

6. Botanical Cuticle Treatment Oil  – Pump a drop of Botanical Cuticle Treatment Oil onto each cuticle and rub in.

NOTE: Each manicurist will have their own philosophy on cutting or not cutting your cuticle. Personally, I have never cut a client’s cuticle off in my 25-year career. In fact I enjoy healing a cuticle. If you follow the steps to healing a cuticle you can mend your cuticle in about 3 weeks.