2. Why does my cuticle stick and grow on my nail plate? How can I fix that?


  • Your cuticle grows down over your nail plate to protect the area under the cuticle. This is where your new nail grows from.
  • Your cuticle actually doesn’t want you to push it back but of course we do, because it looks nicer, and if you like wearing nail colour we need to paint our nails!


  • Radical Cuticle Cream
  • Precision Cuticle Pusher / Cleaner
  • Botanical Cuticle Treatment Oil


  1. Radical Cuticle Cream  – Rub a generous amount of Radical Cuticle Cream into each cuticle. With firm pressure massage the cream into the cuticle area and sidewall of the nail. You can rub the excess up to the first knuckle. The longer you rub and the more cream you rub in the better.
  2. *****TIP: Do it while you are watching TV.

  3. Precision Cuticle Pusher / Cleaner- Gently push back your cuticle and down the side of the nail with the Precision Cuticle Pusher / Cleaner.  You can then gently scrape of any dead cuticle left on your nail.
  4. ***** TIP 1: Rub in extra Radical Cuticle Cream while you are doing this step.

    ***** TIP 2: Toe cuticles can be really sensitive so be very careful when pushing back.

  5. Botanical Cuticle Treatment Oil  – Pump a drop of Botanical Cuticle Treatment Oil on to each cuticle and rub in.
  6. ***** TIP: Repeat this step for an extra treatment.