1. Why does my cuticle split and how do I stop it from happening?


There are many reasons why this could be happening. Here are just a few:

  • Washing your hands many times without applying cream to replace the moisture.
  • A lot of people nervously pick at their cuticle without realising they are doing it.
  • Not pushing your cuticle back each week.
  • Cutting your cuticle. A lot of manicurist do this as it is an easy way to make your manicure look good on the day, but 3 days later your cuticle will grow back looking terrible.
  • Heating in winter can dry out your cuticle, so you need to pay more attention to them.
  • Also cold weather in general can dry out cuticles, so you need to pay more attention.
  • Wearing gloves all the time in winter.


  • Radical Cuticle Cream
  • Precision Cuticle Pusher / Cleaner
  • Satin +2 Speed Buff
  • Botanical Cuticle Treatment Oil


1. Radical Cuticle Cream  – Rub a generous amount of Radical Cuticle Cream into each cuticle. With firm pressure massage the cream into the cuticle area and sidewall of the nail. You can rub the excess up to the first knuckle. The longer you rub, and the more cream you rub in, the better.

***** TIP: Do it while you are watching TV.

2. Precision Cuticle Pusher / Cleaner – Gently push back your cuticle and down the side of the nail with the Precision Cuticle Pusher / Cleaner.  You can then gently scrape of any dead cuticle left on your nail.

3. With a tissue wipe cream off the nail plate.

***** TIP: make sure the nail has no cream left, as cream can ruin your buffer in the next step.

4. Satin +2 Speed Buff  – Very gently buff the nail plate with the purple side of the Satin +2 Speed Buff then turn the buffer over to the white high shine side and buff to a high shine.

*****TIP: Be careful not to buff too close to your cuticle.

5. Botanical Cuticle Treatment Oil  – Pump a drop of Botanical Cuticle Treatment Oil on to each cuticle and rub in.

***** TIP: Repeat this step for an extra treatment.